Artist Statement
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Stage One - Photography
This series began by photographing natural intricacies that spark my admiration and excitement. These photos were taken in the winter of 2019 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, are the foundations of my illustrations. My intent was to capture the awe and immensity of the trees and their intersecting paths.
Stage Two - Tracing
I work with every visible detail, hand tracing each individual branch and twig. The monotonous work that this series demanded is the primary reason I loved the project. When working off the photography I rarely strayed or modified nature’s own composition.
Stage Three - Layering
Throughout the process of digitizing the branches, each is sorted into 1 of 6 layers. Each layer is assigned a color in the pallet. The pallet embraces atmospheric perspective delegating the darkest highest contrast layers to the front and the lightest layers receding into the background. Branches within the same layer will rarely intersect - mirroring the growth patterns of a healthy tree. 

graphic depicting the layers of Awe

Stage Four - Color Scheme
The beauty of the way this project was designed is that modifications to the color scheme can be made easily. Upon a client’s request, I can modify the pallet to match a particular room’s preexisting color scheme.

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