Artist Statement
A photographic investigation in the wide variety of tree forms. Inspired by scientific documentation each study participant is labeled by its latitude and longitude marking the exact location of the specimen similar to Geologic methods. All the compositions display a partial view of a commonplace tree, likely overlooked by the viewer on a day-to-day basis. The study started as admiration and an artistic addiction to trees and their forms, but it evolved to be a challenge to reframe how other people view a tree’s form. The goal is to capture the viewer’s attention by changing the interaction between the viewer and the tree and in theory change the viewer’s perception of trees outside the gallery.
Each subject is presented as a high contrast black and white photograph. Nearly all context has been manually removed from each composition giving each naturally grown structure a surreal quality. This otherworldly aesthetic invites the viewer to perceive a tree’s structure as a richly complex ever-changing form. The quantity of compositions in the study is equally essential, giving the viewer multiple subjects to compare.
The environment surrounding the tree has been manually removed although the impact the environment has had on the tree’s structure is visible in every subject. The subjects range in their life cycle; adult mature trees, elderly declining trees, dead snags, and decomposing logs. Each subject form is ever-changing with age, environment, and life cycle.
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