A sampling of some of Sinclair Myhre's best portrait photography. See below for session prices and details.
Floral Collection
Absolutely stunning collection of floral photography. This artist-curated series was created by sorting through the thousands of Sinclair Myhre's best flower photographs to create a collection that features only the most unique and stunning shots.
artist curated collection
A knock-out collection of bokeh photography. Every photo in this series simplifies the amazing complexities of our world into colors and the moment's essence.
artist curated collection
Artist-curated photography collection exploring different vantage points. Photos in this series focus on reflections, shadows, and perspectives.
artist curated collection
Winter Frost Collection
An artist favorite, this photography collection captures a midwest winter's most stunning hoar frost. This series is defined by its icy glistening textures, earthy tones, and cloudless winter skies.
artist curated collection
Grass Collection
Artist-curated collection of grass photography. The series explores the beauty of nature's variation in color, growth, and texture of grass.
artist curated collection
Watery Vista Collection
An artist favorite, this photography collection samples the array of colors, textures, and reflections seen in watery vistas.
artist curated collection
Nature Abstracted
Artist-curated photography collection of minimalistic and abstract nature shots. This series explores the calming effect of viewing the world at a macro level or with an out-of-focus lends.
artist curated collection
Study in Tree Stumps
A photographic exploration of tree stumps focused on each stump’s diversity of form, texture, and plane.
photographic study
Study Tree Form
A photographic exploration of the beauty and variety in a tree's growth. Each specimen title is the coordinates of its exact geographical location.
photographic study
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