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Sinclair Myhre
I am a driven, candid, creative-minded leader aspiring to find an internship that challenges my creative skillset as a graphic designer, photographer, and artist. My passion in the workplace is fueled by a collaborative environment, an optimizer mentality, and open-minded adaptations. My artistic work is fueled by my love for the creative process, an unceasing yearning to create, and experimentation between mediums. Equipped with a liberal arts degree with a double major in graphic design and studio art, I am eager to explore an array of avenues ahead.
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My expertise, workflow, and mediums of visual communication are fine art, graphic design, and photography. My most successful work is often at an intersection of multiple mediums, where they coalesce and merge. The ability to fluidly work between mediums often concludes with a more thoughtful and unique outcome. This is one reason why I find group collaboration so exhilarating. Bringing individuals together, particularly those possessing differing skill sets can create the same maximizing effect.

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Please connect with me on LinkedIn. Follow my work on Facebook and Instagram. Check out my resume below and my most recent work page.
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